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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Elizabeth: A Lesson In Patience

In modern society, a woman without a child may or may not be looked down upon; it may be seen as being unnatural, as a woman who seeks to defy Mother Nature to pursue her own ambitions. During the time of Christ, society saw that a woman was primarily to be a vessel to supply children for her husband, a woman without children was seen as being sub-woman, not being able to carry out her only mission in life.

Elizabeth was happily married to her true love Zacharia. They both loved the Lord, and Luke writes that they were seen as being blameless. However, Elizabeth and Zacharia did not have any children, but prayed desperately for at least one child to bless their lives. They probably felt miserable when friends and family were having more children, but month after month, no children. Their friends and family members probably thought they were cursed by God.

However, Elizabeth and Zachariah had faith in God, and did not let their childless marriage rip them apart, like it does to many couples back then and now. They knew that God’s will would be done, even though Elizabeth’s biological clock was ticking. Elizabeth was around the age of 60 when she finally got pregnant with a special little boy.

Since Elizabeth was around 60, and far from childbearing years, God needed to get Zacharias attention to show him that his wife was pregnant. God sent Archangel Gabriel to make the announcement that his wife womb was no longer empty. Even though an angel was right in front of him, Zachariah still had his doubts, and this did not get past the angel. To Zachariah’s consequence, he was stuck down dumb and mute and would stay in that condition until his wife gave birth. Elizabeth fulfilled the prophecy by giving birth to John the Baptist, a man who would pave the way for Jesus Christ. What an honor.

People who suffer from an eating disorder may become inpatient and think that their eating disorder is something that can be “cured” overnight. God shows us through these parables that miracles can happen overnight, they may take years, decades, or even generations to occur. However, they do occur. God does not go by your timeline, but by His. He wants people to know that he is the one that is at the helm, and He does take drastic measures to show His children this, because His children sometime require these measures.

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