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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mary of Magdalene: Who Was She?

"And also some women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities: Mary, called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out". -Luke 8:2

If any one woman has even been gossiped and prematurely judged it is without a doubt Mary of Magdalene. While once believed to be a prostitute this is simply not what the Bible says, it was mistakenly taken for fact after Pope Gregory the Great in 591 said in a sermon that when Luke referred to a woman who was a sinner and caught in adultery and interpreted as it being Mary of Magdalene and that she was a prostitute.

Even though Mary of Magdalene is mentioned fourteen times in the Bible, there is still a lot of things we know for sure that we However, Mary of Magdalene was a troubled soul. The bible says she was possessed by seven demons and many theologians believe she likely suffered from a mental disorder. Mary wasn’t living a productive life she was depressed, hearing and seeing things but she knew that Jesus could see the real her.

After Jesus healed her Mary of Magdalene followed him everywhere, giving him both financial and personal support. She was with him through the good times and bad, even being one of the last individuals seeing him on the cross, likely at the moment he died. She stayed by him even though it put herself in danger.

Even death did not stop the love that she had for Jesus; she visited his tomb every day. She went to his tomb to add spices and herbs to anoint the body to make the smell less foul, but was astonished when Jesus’ body was not there. She saw a man, thinking that perhaps he was the one who took Jesus’ body, she asked him where he had hid his body, that she would go and retrieve it. However, it was not a thief, or a gardener, but Jesus himself. Jesus then told Mary to go tell his disciples that he had risen from the grave, and she went about joyously conveying the message of the good news.

Mary of Magdalene is relatable to individuals who suffer from an eating disorder. Mary had a restless soul, being plagued by her own personal demons, someone who wanted a better life for herself. When she saw a way to get healed, she clung to it, she did not allow Jesus out of her sight.

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